Monday, 29 December 2008

The Radical John Adams & The Conservative John Redwood

John Redwood was mightly impressed with HBO's production of 'John Adams', I thought it was worth a second gallop through after having made a point of catching the series on BBC 4 in the Autumn.

I have made a number of comments on this posting by John Redwood, basically Redwood is a high minded Libertarian lost in the swamps of the Conservative Party, his voting for Maastricht I fail to understand, but presumably comes from his desire to reform both the EU and the Conservative Party from within. An impossible task, as the former is Imperial in nature, and like a rapist does not understand the meaning of the word 'No', the latter is an organisation that having been mauled in 1997, is still looking for a policy and a philosophy. First we have matching Labour's spending plans, then the Blue/Green nonsense which has been quietly dropped. Where next ?

The Conservatives and the Labour Party have been at the helm in the last two recessions. Neither have learned that the only thing they can do in terms of economic policy is to create a low Tax stable environment to allow business to flourish and employ people in real jobs, not create the hobble of a financial straight jacket for our grandchildren.

John Adams was a revolutionary, he would have faced execution at the hands of the British Government that he opposed had he been captured. He did not seek to reform the Georgian Monarchy from within, he fought it tooth and nail. He took up arms.

John Redwood was moved by 'John Adams' and states he would have been amongst those calling for Liberty- that is an emotional response about a figure from American History of whom the outcome of the risk he took is known. For John Redwood MP, overcoming the fear caused by the rejection of his bid for leadership of the Conservative Party and being a leading figure in the realignment in favour of Liberty is the best he can do in Parliament. David Davis' experiment in standing down from the shadow cabinet to light a beacon for Liberty was a damp squib.If these two Parliamentarians truly believe in what they say
they should take risks that Cameron will not allow them to take as he makes an unprincipled personal bid for being Prime Minister.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Are you going to enjoy Christmas ? the State is

Hot on the heels of the news that the man of the people Jack Straw has built himself a new Palace at our expense, comes the not unexpected news that HMG have spent half a million quid on 'fine wines'

Don't worry they are worrying about how the poor people are coping on their £52 a week job seekers allowance whilst they are quaffing.

Politicisation of the Police ? You must be joking !

What is Jacqui Smith talking about ?.Why is she saying she was forced to abandon plans because of the opposition of Police Chiefs ? Who is the master here or is she confirming we are in a Police State.
As to politicisation, the Met were accused of being institutionally racist, they are, any organisation that allows apartheid organisations like the National Black Police Association, is racist by definition. At present the only way to progress in the Police to to embrace the right on attitudes of Nu Labour. Therefore we have Police actively involved in form filling, diversity training, Gay awareness etc etc rather than frontline Policing.

So for Jacqui Smith to accuse others of Politicising the Police is a nonsense, her party has created this unaccountable Police State, with the supine assistance of the Conservatives.

Each Chief Constable should be a directly elected official by the local people the he SERVES. That's LPUK policy

Monday, 15 December 2008

Public sector pension shortfall is now £1 Trillion

On Friday I had my pensions advisor in to be told that my pension had lost 24% in value in the last six months. I have to ensure that I increase my contributions to get anywhere near a decent pot. It looks like however that I am going to be obliged to to increase my contributions to ensure the gold plated public sector can retire in the comfort they have been accustomed to.

One Trillion Pounds shortfall ! Thanks Gordon, Are you going to start laying off public servants now ?

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Get your mullet sorted

Completely OT, but you just have to turn up for this.

Nik Kershaw is playing the 12 Bar in Swindon on Friday 17th April 2009.

The Riddle

Wouldn't It Be Good

I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

I got it bad
you don't know how bad I got it.
You got it easy
you don't know when you've got it good.
It's getting harder
just keeping life and soul together

Thursday, 11 December 2008

A day out - 24th January 2009

The British Constitution Group

"Lawful Rebellion - Actions Not Words

Conference – 24th January 2009 – Kings Hall, Stoke-On-Trent
11:00am – 5:30pm (Doors open at 10:00am)

John Bingley - What is the British Constitution?
David Bourne, Sqd Leader - Mediatisation – has the Queen betrayed her people?
Albert Burgess - Treason Has Been Committed
John Harris - Freeman On The Land
Brian Gerrish - The State of the Nation
Roger Hayes - What we are going to do about it

This conference will put actions into play that will take our country back. We urge you to support our initiative, it is the only viable option that remains. Book your place today and encourage as many people of like-mind to do the same.

For practical and helpful reasons we urge you to act without delay. PLEASE BOOK NOW."

Looks good. I will be there.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A sign of hope perhaps

Today, more than any other day in the past few years for me, I have an inkling that the undercurrent of the European countries destined for loss of nationhood and regionalisation under the 'European Union' may just have begun to turn into the first stages of a rip tide.

Sure, Greece has always been a volatile Mediterranean country, prone to civil disobedience and 'in your face' reaction to things not going very well. However, as the excellent Dr North points out, the reality of European Monetary Union and the consequences of governments not just being in bed with the EU, but actually sticking their heads up the EU's arse as well is coming home to roost. And hey, this is one hell of a bird.

Spain is in a worse position as the downturn progresses and the United Kingdom of Near Socialist Counties isn't far behind. Riots in the UK? I think it might be worth holding your breath for...

So what about European solidarity from our continental neighbours? A sensible man in Germany said this about Europe's reaction to the the roof falling in (along with some barbed comments about our government's handling of the crisis):

"The economic crisis shows once again that Europe has a leadership problem.

Europe is difficult to coordinate, and our main deficit may not even lie in this area of finance and economics, but in foreign and security policy. We have a leadership problem because we are still 27 different members who have still not decided on how to work with each other based on what we used to call a European constitution."

And those 27 different members may just yet be the salvation of the counties of Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Oh - and the United Kingdom as well.

Gordon Brown Saves the World 10th December 2008

Extending Democracy

Without much fanfare, five District Councils are going to be scrapped in April, to be replaced by the all new Wiltshire County Council

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pensioners Busted in Drugs Raid

Avon and Somerset Police strike again breaking the door down to a retired couple's house looking for drugs.

The first Ivor and Margaret knew about the raid was then they flew home from a holiday in Madeira to find their front door had been smashed in.

It had been bolted shut by a padlock and the couple found paperwork from the police detailing what had happened.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset confirmed the raid had taken place and they had apologised but said the force could not comment further because the couple's complaint was being investigated.

The over excitable Avon & Somerset Police watch far too much 'Starsky & Hutch' and perhaps should have made a slightly more proportionate enquiry before kicking the door in.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Taxpayers Alliance Bristol Meeting

For anybody interested -the first meeting will be at

Cafe Rouge
Cabot Circus

This Saturday at midday

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The cost of eco-madness

Swindon Borough Council are facing a budget shortfall of £3.2M

"The cost of being greener will contribute to the bill, with a hole of around £500,000 coming from the difficulty in selling on recyclable materials.

As revealed in the Adver last week the council has a paper mountain in excess of 1,700 tonnes housed at its Waterside depot.

There is also an increased landfill tax of £296,000 because the council failed to meet its target of recycling 50 per cent of waste."

The Far East market for recycled paper, plastics and so on has collapsed as the global economy falters. The Chinese just don't want our waste. So what to do with it? As you can read above, you can no longer just bury it (although there is a huge landfill capacity in this country) as the EU has decreed that this is ecologically evil. Councils up and down the country are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't move it elsewhere and will therefore get fined.

"Other costs include a £1m increase in utility bills."

And why have they gone up so much? Well that will be to do with having to cough up for subsidies on pointless wind farms, the renewables obligations, carbon trading madness and so on.

Ah well, it's all good for the planet apparently, just pain for the ordinary man and woman. Expect a council tax rise jolt wherever you live, coming to you soon in April.

Alternatively you could join the Libertarian Party and work towards a government that would ease the pain with sensible policies that will remove the state and the EU from our lives along with their futile and costly eco-madness schemes.


Monday, 1 December 2008


So convinced are our regional unelected masters that they can modify the weather, they have concocted a 'South West Climate Change Action Plan' and I quote:

"Aim of the Plan

The South West Climate Change Action Plan draws together issues from across the region to ensure that there is a shared vision on tackling climate change, access to a common evidence base and a jointly agreed set of priorities for taking the issues forward. The Action Plan sets out a clear programme of regionally agreed priority actions to address both mitigation and adaptation activity. The main areas of mitigation activity within the SWCCAP include tackling emissions from existing housing, business and public sector operations, transport, new build, energy generation, and land management. Adaptation activity covers: the region’s strategic response to climate change; awareness raising; land and marine management; and adapting to flood risk."

...and if you can understand a word of that you are a better man than I.

Sorry, not a chance of achieving anything apart from more tax burdens on businesses and individuals. It rather reminds me of the Kate Bush Cloudbusting video, except that the men in black coats are coming for the rest of us rather than the lovely Kate or Donald Sutherland.

I also note that the Met Office down in Exeter are wailing about a potential sell off as it might just damage their Climate Change agenda if they were owned by a private company that understands AGW for the fraudulent scam that it really is. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they were bought by one of the oil companies?

Libertarian AGM York 29th November 2008

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Congratulations to Alan Hayward

Alan has been appointed PPC for one of the seats in Swindon at Saturday's AGM in York.

I hope all members in the Wessex & Kernow area will venture to add their support to his campaign that will start as from the 1st December.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I don't know about you, but I think we are reasonably well served for transport in the South West. Sure, there are probably lots of local improvements that could be made. Like replacing the pelican crossings with over bridges or underpasses on Great Western Way in my neck of the woods in Swindon - why snarl up a major artery with pedestrians?

Bristol Dave has a few problems with his local transport policy.

Re-instating some outlying suburban railway stations would be a nice one as well.

However, there are three particularly poor routes that really get my goat.

The first is how you get from Bristol, or Gloucester, or Swindon to Weymouth or anywhere in between. It is a horrible, horrible journey unless you are suitably blessed with a helicopter or light aircraft. What we need is at least a dual carriageway (A34 look-alike?) or preferably a motorway that leaves M4 J17 at Chippenham and then runs through Trowbridge, Frome (with a spur to Salisbury), crosses the A303 at Wincanton and then heads for Dorchester (joining the A35 for routes to Poole, Bournemouth and on to the M27) and finally Weymouth. I can hear the howls of anguish from the environmentalists, but I would point them at the railways that used to serve a real purpose in the north-south routes for people and goods that were never replaced. The Somerset and Dorset, the Midland and South Western Junction.

The second is yes - the single carriageway bits of the A30 in Devon and Cornwall. Come on, let's get the duals connected, eh?

The last is the A419 at Birdlip Hill, between Gloucester and Swindon. A stupid, stupid lack of three or so miles of dual carriageway (and probably a tunnel) reduces this road which is almost a motorway to a crawl.

Enough from me, I know nothing. However, the South West Regional Assembly does. Chapter 5 of the EiP Report should bring you up to speed. Oh - this document will also tell you a lot more about regional (sic - read 'centralised') planning.

Britain now in a battle for survival against its own Government- LPUK

Gordon Brown's government finally flicked on the auto switch for their political last rites.

Sitting on the front bench, giggling like a child as his Chancellor read out in robotic fashion a string of tax rises as part of his PBR that will finally kill much of the economy, Brown could be seen as the sick, pathetic, yet vindictive politician that we all knew he was.

He is determined in his last throes as Prime Minister to scorch the earth of Britain, to drive the economy to a point so low that hope of recovery is impossible, from where sullen taxpayers will continue to be forced to part with ever more of their hard earned wages or savings, to force more business to the wall and to push this nation into a depression so deep that the population will be too busy surviving that they will not see the invisible cloak of darkness descend over us from Brussels.

To give with one hand within the limits of the minimum VAT rate that the EU sets for their tax, only to take it back again with added burdens placed upon fuel and National Insurance is cynical beyond belief. To further rub salt in the wound that grows larger by the day, there is no mention of reducing these extra taxes when the 15 month VAT holiday comes to an end and the rate again returns to its higher level, adding further burden to the future.

Do not think for one minute that the people of Britain will not see through your sick game, as they did with the 10p tax.

If Gordon Brown really wanted to kick start this economy, it is within his power, by reducing government spending, giving back the taxes that that spending required, putting that money back into the pockets of those who earned it, giving them room to push it back into the economy through personal spending.

But no, only the state can be allowed to spend money, he is determined to see us go down, in a spectacular crash and burn pyrotechnic show of venom. As his measures begin to bite, as more companies fold, as more people become unemployed and tax revenue goes down, the burden on the benefits system will be overwhelmed. How long before we reach the point where paying out and the cost of government is more than what is coming in.

He is determined for this country to fail, to force poverty upon more and more people, on top of his criminal acts in power he will no doubt be remembered not only as the worst Chancellor in history, the worst Prime Minister in history but the worst human being that this nation has ever produced and will be responsible for more deaths at the hand of government than any other.

The biggest problem this nation has is Government. Big Government which eats our resources, which eats our money, which eats our resolve and is building a debt mountain that we will never be able to repay.

We must get government to cut and curb its spending massively, to shrink government in size and influence. We must cut this authoritarian monster down to size.

As a people we face many enemies today. It is not the enemy that government would have you believe, we are not going to be overrun by hoards of terrorists, but we are being overrun by government spending and debt, we are being overrun by the imposition of a big brother police state, we are suffering the erosion of our rights and liberties, and we will suffer the impending treasonous surrender to the EU.

The time for action against these injustices is fast approaching, as too many are now getting worried for their jobs, for their families, for their income, for their ability to put food on the table, . It is nearly time for the people of this country to stand still, to starve this government of the very food that keeps it alive, money. To carry on as we are is madness, and very soon it will become a very simple battle of survival.

Either we starve the Government of money, or the government will starve us.

The Conservatives and Libdems must also change their views on big government, they must eradicate the lies, bullshit and spin, and they must be seen to be acting on behalf of the people of Britain or they too will be swept away with Brown when the tide of discontent reaches its tipping point.

Ian Parker-Joseph Leader Libertarian Party

Monday, 24 November 2008

South West Was The Testing Ground for Jacqui Smith and Tasers

As reported in the Telegraph this Summer

In the first six months of the pilot scheme Tasers were deployed on 252 occasions, 236 of which were in the last three months.

However, they were only fired 31 times - 25 in the last three months.

Officers reported that they helped resolve potentially fatal situations.

A Home Office source said that the officers using Tasers had been fully trained and followed official guidelines.

The forces involved in the trial were Avon and Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, Gwent, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Metropolitan Police, Northamptonshire, Northumbria, North Wales, and West Yorkshire.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said that during the experiment Tasers would be made available at incidents of 'violence and threats of violence of such severity that they will need force'.

The Tasers fire barbed darts into their victims and deliver powerful electric shocks via a copper wire. They are intended to be a 'less lethal' alternative to regular police weapons.

These are potentially lethal weapons, what next ? giving Traffic Wardens and CPSO's these weapons ? 320 killed by Tasers in the US alone.

Quote of the Day

"the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws" - tacitus

H/T Mr Eugenides

Sunday, 23 November 2008

South West Regional Assembly

Few people in the area know much about the South West Regional Assembly. It is a precursor of one of the new EU 'regions' that will replace the United Kingdom when Brussels finally gets its way. What? Did you not know that you will become an EU citizen and no longer English (or Cornish come to that)?

A map to explain the intent:

Euro Regions

The SWRA is composed of a non-elected Assembly, the 'members' are drawn from Local Government from the authorities in the region.

Perhaps you should be advised who is deciding what will happen to our 'region':

Cllr Ron Daniel - Association of Local Councils (Cornwall)
Cllr Jean Allgrove - Association of Local Councils (National)
Cllr David Belloti - Bath & North East Somerset Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Victor Pritchard - Bath & North East Somerset Council - Conservative
Cllr Brian Clements - Borough of Poole - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Ron Parker - Borough of Poole - Conservative
Cllr Bob Chapman - Bournemouth Borough Council - Conservative
Cllr Stephen MacLoughlin - Bournemouth Borough Council - Conservative
Cllr Dennis Brown - Bristol City Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Steve Comer - Bristol City Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Richard Eddy - Bristol City Council - Conservative
Cllr Helen Holland - Bristol City Council - Labour
Cllr Matthew McTaggart - Caradon District Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Fred Greenslade - Carrick District Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Steve Jordon - Cheltenham Borough Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Capt John Lofts - Christchurch Borough Council - Conservative
Cllr Doris Ansari - Cornwall County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr John Ault - Cornwall County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Lynden Stowe - Cotswold District Council - Conservative
Cllr Christine Savill - Council of the Isles of Scilly - Independent
Mr Stephen Purser - Dartmoor National Park Authority
Cllr Sir Simon Day - Devon County Council - Conservative
Cllr Saxon Spence - Devon County Council - Labour
Cllr Anne Fry - Devon County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Humphrey Temperley - Devon County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr David Budd - Dorset County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Angus Campbell - Dorset County Council - Conservative
Cllr Sara Randall Johnson - East Devon District Council - Conservative
Cllr Derek Burt - East Dorset District Council - Conservative
Cllr Adrain Fullam - Exeter City Council - Liberal Democrat
Diana Kershaw - Exmoor National Park Authority
Cllr Marion Winship - Forest of Dean District Council - Conservative
Cllr Paul James - Gloucester City Council - Conservative
Cllr Barry Dare - Gloucestershire County Council - Conservative
Cllr Dr John Cordwell - Gloucestershire County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr William Crowther - Gloucestershire County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Bruce Hogan - Gloucestershire County Council - Labour
Cllr Lionel Grundy - Kennet District Council - Conservative
Cllr Graeme Hicks - Kerrier District Council - Independent
Cllr Harvey Siggs - Mendip District Council - Conservative
Cllr Peter Hare-Scott - Mid Devon District Council - Conservative
Cllr Graham Facks-Martin - North Cornwall District Council - Independent
Cllr Michael Harrison - North Devon District Council - Conservative
Cllr Peter Webb - North Dorset District Council - Conservative
Cllr Nigel Ashton - North Somerset Council - Conservative
Cllr Edward Keating - North Somerset Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Mollie Groom - North Wiltshire District Council - Conservative
Cllr Joan Tanner - Penwith District Council - Independent
Cllr Ken Foster - Plymouth City Council - Conservative
Cllr George Wheeler - Plymouth City Council - Labour
Cllr Mike Lovell - Purbeck District Council - Conservative
Cllr Tim Jones - Restormel Borough Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Paul Clegg - Salisbury District Council - Labour
Cllr Duncan McGinty - Sedgemoor District Council - Conservative
Cllr Andrew Govier - Somerset County Council - Labour
Cllr Hazel Prior-Sankey - Somerset County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Jill Shortland - Somerset County Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Brigadier Christopher Wolverson - Somerset County Council - Conservative
Cllr Roger Hutchinson - South Gloucestershire Council - Labour
Cllr Ruth Davis - South Gloucestershire Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr John Godwin - South Gloucestershire Council - Conservative
Cllr Pat Hockey - South Gloucestershire Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr John Tucker - South Hams District Council - Conservative
Cllr Tim Carroll - South Somerset District Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Chas Fellows - Stroud District Council - Conservative
Cllr Mike Bawden - Swindon Borough Council - Conservative
Cllr Des Moffat - Swindon Borough Council - Labour
Cllr Ross Henley - Taunton Deane Borough Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Alan Connett - Teignbridge District Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Derek Davies - Tewkesbury Borough Council - Conservative
Mr Nick Bye - Torbay Council - Conservative
Cllr Steve Darling - Torbay Council - Liberal Democrat
Cllr Chris Lewis - Torbay Council - Conservative
Cllr James Morrish - Torridge District Council - Conservative
Cllr Philip Sanders - West Devon Borough Council
Cllr Robert Gould - West Dorset District Council - Conservative
Cllr Keith Ross - West Somerset District Council - Independant
Cllr Tony Phillips - West Wiltshire District Council - Conservative
Cllr Mike Goodman - Weymouth & Portland Borough Council - Conservative
Cllr Julian Johnson - Wiltshire County Council - Conservative
Cllr Ian West - Wiltshire County Council - Liberal Democrat
To be confirmed - Independant
To be confirmed - Labour
Mr Ben Salisbury - SEEP Youth (Shared Membership)
Ms Rosie Bayley - SEEP Youth (Shared Membership)
Ms Carolynne Beadman - SEEP Equalities
Mr Jim Clarke - SEEP Culture, Media and Sport
Mr Ian Ducat - SEEP Trades Union
Mr Colin Feltham - SEEP Voluntary & Community
Ms Dorothy Fogg - SEEP Trades Union
Mr Ian Gallagher - SEEP Business
Mr Barry Griffiths - SEEP Business
Mr Roger Haworth - SEEP Voluntary & Community
Ms Chris Herries - SEEP Co-operative & Mutual
Mr Nigel Hutchings - SEEP Business
Mr Christopher Irwin - SEEP Public Transport Users
Vacancy - SEEP Learning, Skills and Business Support
Ms Cate Le-Grice-Mack MBE - SEEP Environmental Bodies
Ms Jackie Longworth MBE - SEEP Trades Union
Mr John Matthews - SEEP Agriculture & Rural Business Sector
Mr Andrew Moore - SEEP Housing
Ms Nicky Alberry - SEEP Learning, Skills and Business Support
Mr Ian Munro - SEEP Learning, Skills and Business Support
Mr David Onamade - SEEP Equalities
Revd Heather Pencavel - SEEP Faith Communities
Mr Tim Pyper - SEEP Business
Ms Jenny Raggett - SEEP Environmental
Mr Mark Robins - SEEP Environmental
Mr Colin Rose - SEEP Trades Union
Mr John Savage CBE - SEEP Learning, Skills and Business Support
Ms Helen Scadding - SEEP Voluntary & Community
Mr Shivranjan Singh - SEEP Equalities
Ms Valerie Stevens - SEEP Business
Mrs Candida Whitmill - SEEP Tourism
Mr Stephen Wright MBE - SEEP Voluntary & Community
To be confirmed - SEEP Health
To be confirmed - SEEP Culture, Media and Sport

I don't remember voting for these people, but then again, I don't remember having the opportunity to vote for a European Union.

Much more info at SWRA

Public Sector Rich List- Tax Payers Alliance

Key findings in the Taxpayers Rich List

There are 387 people receiving remuneration packages of £150,000 or more a year across 140 government departments, quangos, other public bodies and public corporations, up from 300 people on the 2007 Public Sector Rich List. (Note that this excludes local government, who are published on their own TPA Rich List every March. The 2008 Town Hall Rich List identified 88 people earning over £150,000 a year.)

There are 4 people in the public sector who earn more than £1 million a year, up from 1 person earning above £1 million last year.

There are 21 people in the public sector earning above £500,000 a year, up from 17 on last year's list.

There are 88 people earning above £250,000 a year, up from 66 on last year's list.

There are 194 people earning more than the Prime Minister, whose salary is £189,994, up from 142 on last year's list.

The 387 people on our list had an average pay rise of 10.9 per cent between 2006-07 and 2007-08. This is three times average earnings growth (including bonuses) across the country, which is currently around 3.5 per cent.

The average total remuneration of the 387 people on the list is almost £240,000 per annum. This works out at over £4,600 a week. Although many people on the list are likely to work longer, based on a 35-hour week, this is equal to over £130 an hour, or around £2.15 a minute.

These remuneration packages can be compared with a soldier earning around £20,000, a nurse earning £23,000, the average Chief Executive of a small company earning £65,000, and the average Chief Executive of a medium-sized company earning £122,000.

The 10 most highly paid people in the public sector earn almost £1 million on average, which is around 50 times the amount earned by someone starting out as a police officer, nurse or soldier.

The report features a list of the top 10 rewards for failure, including highly paid officials from HMRC (which lost 25 million people's personal data); the Financial Services Authority (which presided over the worst financial crisis since 1930); Northern Rock; the QCA and other organisations which have failed the public.

The report includes a list of 10 people working for the three bodies responsible for regulating the financial system – the FSA, the Treasury and the Bank of England - who have overseen the financial crisis. Their remuneration packages average almost £400,000 per annum.

A special list is also included of 24 executives who have presided over embarrassing losses of personal data over the past year. Their average remuneration package was over £190,000 per annum.

Gissa job

LPUK Chairman on Bristol Burst Radio

The Chairman of the LPUK Andrew Withers will be appearing on the Progressive Show on Burst Radio at 3pm today.

Burst is the dedicated radio station of Bristol University, you can listen in by clicking the listen now button.

The Philosophy of Liberty

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Unelected Government in the South West

South West of England Regional Development Agency
Launch Date: 1999 NDPB Type: Executive
Contact: Chief Executive: Jane Henderson Salary: £171 764
Sterling House Dix's Field Exeter EX1 1QA
Reports to: Department for Trade & Industry
Annual Public Finance Allocation: £100,000,000
Employees & Seconded Civil Servants: 250
Fiscal Powers: No
Regulatory Powers: No
Sponsor other Public Bodies: Yes
South West Industrial Development Board

2007/8 accounts

FOI request to Bristol City Council

Dear Sir or Madam,

What numbers of people are employed by the Council with the
following words in their job titles:

1. Community 2. Equality/equalities 3. Diversity 4. Cohesion

What is the total salary bill for these employees?

Yours faithfully, Steve Woods which the reply is:

Dear Mr Woods,

As at 6th October 2008:

- There are 238 Bristol City Council employees that have community, equality/equalities, diversity or cohesion in their job titles.

- The total salary bill for these employees is £3,355,257.54.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wright
Bristol City Council

H/T BristolDave

Kerry McCarthy does Schools

I am not really sure that political indoctrination should start at school, but Kerry McCarthy MP for Bristol East begs to differ

Nu Labour are obviously into the Jesuit principle of getting them young.

Stockwood Green

UK Arabic School

the Mewat Muslim Girls school in India

St Brendans Six form

The Andulusia Academy, Britians only Islamic School

the PFI funded Speedwell school

The Hannah Moore school

The Kingswood Foundation

The Brunel Academy (with video)

You send your kids to school in Bristol to be educated, just what sort of education are they getting?