Monday, 29 December 2008

The Radical John Adams & The Conservative John Redwood

John Redwood was mightly impressed with HBO's production of 'John Adams', I thought it was worth a second gallop through after having made a point of catching the series on BBC 4 in the Autumn.

I have made a number of comments on this posting by John Redwood, basically Redwood is a high minded Libertarian lost in the swamps of the Conservative Party, his voting for Maastricht I fail to understand, but presumably comes from his desire to reform both the EU and the Conservative Party from within. An impossible task, as the former is Imperial in nature, and like a rapist does not understand the meaning of the word 'No', the latter is an organisation that having been mauled in 1997, is still looking for a policy and a philosophy. First we have matching Labour's spending plans, then the Blue/Green nonsense which has been quietly dropped. Where next ?

The Conservatives and the Labour Party have been at the helm in the last two recessions. Neither have learned that the only thing they can do in terms of economic policy is to create a low Tax stable environment to allow business to flourish and employ people in real jobs, not create the hobble of a financial straight jacket for our grandchildren.

John Adams was a revolutionary, he would have faced execution at the hands of the British Government that he opposed had he been captured. He did not seek to reform the Georgian Monarchy from within, he fought it tooth and nail. He took up arms.

John Redwood was moved by 'John Adams' and states he would have been amongst those calling for Liberty- that is an emotional response about a figure from American History of whom the outcome of the risk he took is known. For John Redwood MP, overcoming the fear caused by the rejection of his bid for leadership of the Conservative Party and being a leading figure in the realignment in favour of Liberty is the best he can do in Parliament. David Davis' experiment in standing down from the shadow cabinet to light a beacon for Liberty was a damp squib.If these two Parliamentarians truly believe in what they say
they should take risks that Cameron will not allow them to take as he makes an unprincipled personal bid for being Prime Minister.

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