Saturday, 22 January 2011

Without A Hint Of Irony

I was in the new Bristol shopping centre with my youngest son who is back from University for the weekend. There was a bit of a commotion going out side Barclays, by Anarchists for more State Intervention (Anarchists ??)

After a lot of pushing and shoving with the Police they decided to target Lloyds Bank next, then Nationwide (this is a mutual not a bank you idiots) then they started running through the shopping centre yelling and shouting for what they were worth, an activity called steaming, this resulted in some other ne'erdowells joining in and shops starting to close their doors in case the guardians of the revolution decided to liberate their goods.

Without a hint of irony, members of the Socialist Workers Party stood by trying to sell their newspapers. The latest in fashionable chic is apparently a Palestinian scarf (denotes level of righteousness) a soviet era military fur hat with cap badge whilst shouting for freedom (remember gulags) and troops out of Afghanistan (Soviet troops being ok in Afghanistan then) topped off with a Serbian army surplus wintercoat (don't even go there)

As Lenin said 'useful fools'.

Highlight of the day - Anarchist withdrawing £50 from HSBC cash point, without the hint of irony.