Saturday, 22 November 2008

Unelected Government in the South West

South West of England Regional Development Agency
Launch Date: 1999 NDPB Type: Executive
Contact: Chief Executive: Jane Henderson Salary: £171 764
Sterling House Dix's Field Exeter EX1 1QA
Reports to: Department for Trade & Industry
Annual Public Finance Allocation: £100,000,000
Employees & Seconded Civil Servants: 250
Fiscal Powers: No
Regulatory Powers: No
Sponsor other Public Bodies: Yes
South West Industrial Development Board

2007/8 accounts


swindon_alan said...

Ummm...would there be any chance of including Wiltshire (and esp. Swindon) in the catchment for the web site? Ironically they are included in the South West RA grouping...

Otherwise I will have to start a 'Libertarians in the Middle Bit Between the South West and South East' blog :-(

swindon_alan said...

Wey hey!

We have a proper Wessex map :-)

Thanks Guthrum.