Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Britain now in a battle for survival against its own Government- LPUK

Gordon Brown's government finally flicked on the auto switch for their political last rites.

Sitting on the front bench, giggling like a child as his Chancellor read out in robotic fashion a string of tax rises as part of his PBR that will finally kill much of the economy, Brown could be seen as the sick, pathetic, yet vindictive politician that we all knew he was.

He is determined in his last throes as Prime Minister to scorch the earth of Britain, to drive the economy to a point so low that hope of recovery is impossible, from where sullen taxpayers will continue to be forced to part with ever more of their hard earned wages or savings, to force more business to the wall and to push this nation into a depression so deep that the population will be too busy surviving that they will not see the invisible cloak of darkness descend over us from Brussels.

To give with one hand within the limits of the minimum VAT rate that the EU sets for their tax, only to take it back again with added burdens placed upon fuel and National Insurance is cynical beyond belief. To further rub salt in the wound that grows larger by the day, there is no mention of reducing these extra taxes when the 15 month VAT holiday comes to an end and the rate again returns to its higher level, adding further burden to the future.

Do not think for one minute that the people of Britain will not see through your sick game, as they did with the 10p tax.

If Gordon Brown really wanted to kick start this economy, it is within his power, by reducing government spending, giving back the taxes that that spending required, putting that money back into the pockets of those who earned it, giving them room to push it back into the economy through personal spending.

But no, only the state can be allowed to spend money, he is determined to see us go down, in a spectacular crash and burn pyrotechnic show of venom. As his measures begin to bite, as more companies fold, as more people become unemployed and tax revenue goes down, the burden on the benefits system will be overwhelmed. How long before we reach the point where paying out and the cost of government is more than what is coming in.

He is determined for this country to fail, to force poverty upon more and more people, on top of his criminal acts in power he will no doubt be remembered not only as the worst Chancellor in history, the worst Prime Minister in history but the worst human being that this nation has ever produced and will be responsible for more deaths at the hand of government than any other.

The biggest problem this nation has is Government. Big Government which eats our resources, which eats our money, which eats our resolve and is building a debt mountain that we will never be able to repay.

We must get government to cut and curb its spending massively, to shrink government in size and influence. We must cut this authoritarian monster down to size.

As a people we face many enemies today. It is not the enemy that government would have you believe, we are not going to be overrun by hoards of terrorists, but we are being overrun by government spending and debt, we are being overrun by the imposition of a big brother police state, we are suffering the erosion of our rights and liberties, and we will suffer the impending treasonous surrender to the EU.

The time for action against these injustices is fast approaching, as too many are now getting worried for their jobs, for their families, for their income, for their ability to put food on the table, . It is nearly time for the people of this country to stand still, to starve this government of the very food that keeps it alive, money. To carry on as we are is madness, and very soon it will become a very simple battle of survival.

Either we starve the Government of money, or the government will starve us.

The Conservatives and Libdems must also change their views on big government, they must eradicate the lies, bullshit and spin, and they must be seen to be acting on behalf of the people of Britain or they too will be swept away with Brown when the tide of discontent reaches its tipping point.

Ian Parker-Joseph Leader Libertarian Party

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