Thursday, 18 December 2008

Politicisation of the Police ? You must be joking !

What is Jacqui Smith talking about ?.Why is she saying she was forced to abandon plans because of the opposition of Police Chiefs ? Who is the master here or is she confirming we are in a Police State.
As to politicisation, the Met were accused of being institutionally racist, they are, any organisation that allows apartheid organisations like the National Black Police Association, is racist by definition. At present the only way to progress in the Police to to embrace the right on attitudes of Nu Labour. Therefore we have Police actively involved in form filling, diversity training, Gay awareness etc etc rather than frontline Policing.

So for Jacqui Smith to accuse others of Politicising the Police is a nonsense, her party has created this unaccountable Police State, with the supine assistance of the Conservatives.

Each Chief Constable should be a directly elected official by the local people the he SERVES. That's LPUK policy

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