Friday, 27 March 2009

500 Jobs to go at Renishaws in Gloucestershire

Gordon Brown -What is more important ? reforming the 1701 Act of Succession or the loss of 500 Hi Tech jobs at Renishaws in Gloucestershire ?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Negligent Audit Commission slams Negligent Councils

The Audit Commission (lost £10m in Icelandic Banks) has slammed Councils for losing £1Bn of ratepayers money in Iceland.

North Somerset £ 3m
Somerset CC £25m

The words Pot Calling Kettle Black spring to mind

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

At Last a Real Opposition Politician

At last a real politician showing anger, compare and contrast with that waste of space Cameron wanting Capitalism with a Conscience.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Check your recent Council Tax Bill

I have just received a call from the Treasurer of the Avon & Somerset Police Authority.

I queried why in the budget I received through the post,why it showed a tenfold increase from £2M in 2008/9 to £20m 2009/10 for Capital expenditure.

Tenfold ! We are in a small largely rural District Council

This was hurriedly explain as a refurbishment project for detention facilities that needed bringing up to 21st standards.

Pressing a little harder it turns out this is not a refurbishment project at all. It is a PFI project with the Home Office ( I did not get an answer as to where the money is going to be borrowed from and on what terms) to build 'detention facilities' near Motorways and in City Centres.

I have published before the job advert for an asessor for this programme, but then it was being done under the auspices of the Foreign Office.

The State is building a lot more detention capability because it thinks it is going to need it.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

More Nonsense from the Quisling-Right

A suspicion of government is healthy, but can be dangerous if it mushrooms into blanket hostility. The state has delivered substantial social progress, whether in the preparation of state-owned monopolies for privatisation, zero-tolerance policing in New York, or US welfare reform. The trouble comes when the state tries to do too much or when it supplants the work of businesses and voluntary organisations.

Tim Montgomerie- Telegraph

This article sums up completely the tinkering at the edges,big state,soft left philosophy of the Cameronian Conservative Party. When Cameron said he was not a Libertarian at last September's conference he was not kidding. The committment to Welfarism is still there, that has debased British Society, to a rights and compensation society.

See Sean Gabb in 2005 on what is wrong with British Conservatism.

Public Sector A Recession Free Zone

Well tell me something I did not know, that the Private Sector is taking the hit, while the State Cuckoos are taking over the nest.

The CIPD says that as unemployment passes the 2 million mark, on its way to at least 3 million, there is a strong case for preserving or increasing public sector employment

The public sector needs additional resources at this time to cope with the various social consequences of the recession, and it would anyway be a false economy for government to make public sector staff redundant and then have to pay them welfare benefits

So explain that to me Mr Expert- Civil Servant on £20,000 producing nothing but bits of paper going round in circles, redundant engineer on £2990 job seekers also producing nothing. Which would be more useful working.

You are an idiot- shut up

Friday, 13 March 2009

Check your Council Tax Bill !

To Avon & Somerset Police Authority

Good Morning

I received yesterday a copy of the budgets for 2009/10 with my Council Tax bill.

I am astounded that the Authority has agreed a ten fold increase against last years budget for 'Estates' of £2.6m to £20.5m, and approved a 'borrowing' level of £24.5m.

Can you provide detailed information on what the Police Authority is proposing to spend an additional £18m this year ?

Secondly from whom is the Authority proposing to 'borrow' this money from, over what period and on what terms ?

Yours sincerely

SW Libertarian Party

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

You do not have permission to live or work

To what end is are these ridiculous planning laws being put to ?

Being denied the right to live where you wish and live the kind of life you wish unless you have permission from the State is nonsensical.

These post war planning Laws have stifled industry, development and distorted the market since they were brought in.

The LPUK would be burning most if not all of these Laws

Friday, 6 March 2009

Quantative Easing Press Release sent to an uncritical BBC

Dear Breakfast,

I am a bit disappointed as to the explanation of Quantative Easing as shown today. I think the viewers would benefit from being told more about what it really entails, especially when it is framed in the context of Pensioners.

I have a little story for you to explain how it really works:

It is as if you are a beer-seller and the Government pitches up at your warehouse in the dead of night with a truck of water and a truck-load of empty barrels. It breaks in without permission, waters down your beer and takes away barrels of beer for its own use. Because it gets first dibs on the barrels, those least diluted will be taken away. You wake up and count your barrels and all seems ok. When you come to sell your beer you find there is more in the marketplace than before and what you have is weaker, so the price you get is lower. Your beer is now less valuable yet the State has beer - money - it never had.

It is theft, pure and simple.

THAT is what QE is. I think the public should be told what is happening. Pensioners should be told that raising their savings interest rates is pointless if the £s they get out are then worth even less. Workers need to be told that their salaries and savings are being diluted. We are all being robbed and to do what? "Try" and "see" if the banks "might" lend?

The BBC is public service broadcasting and has a charter to educate and inform. While the fact about QE is not being expressed, this is not happening. A sound pound is my and my party's aim yet this is being undermined. We would like to have the opportunity to put the truth about QE forward.


Tim Carpenter
Head of Policy
Libertarian Party, UK

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Highlights of Gordon Brown's Speech in Bristol

"These are momentous times because we are being lashed by an economic hurricane (That I caused by letting the economy rip, split what regulation there was three ways) that is not only global in size and scope, but it is being felt on every high street and in every living room in Britain and people rightly look to us for answers.(Er no they don't they want you to go) And their questions rightly force us to ask what kind of country we are, what kind of country we want to fight for and we have a choice.( A Police State) Whether we say to people let the recession take its course as, others might, or whether you make the choice that when banks fail and markets falter, the government must step in to provide help for those who need it." ( not seen a lot of help going anywhere but ploughing our money into the Mega banks )

"And we have a choice, whether to say to people as was said in previous downturns, at times of great job loss, unemployment is a price worth paying, or to make the choice that we need the boldest action now to address unemployment and our duty is to everyone who is looking for a job and we must not let them down. And we have a choice, whether to say to people you’re on your own, or to say to people that the role of government in difficult times is to be on your side. Whether you let markets master, or whether we make the choice that insists that markets serve the public." ( Bit like I have abolished Boom and Bust then, you cannot buck the market Gordon)

"....And somehow along the road the financial world lost sight of the fact that those values, so hard-wired into how we make decisions elsewhere, should inform, our economic life too. Some came to believe that we should sacrifice being fair to the altar of laissez-faire. Some acted as if free markets could be value-free markets. But what has become clear is you can’t deregulate or nudge your way to better behaviour. You need fair rules, rules that reward those who play by them and punish those who don’t."( No we got sacrificed on the Alter of an Incompetent Labour Government, who lead us into an illegal war to boot)

"And if we thought in the past it was beyond our power or our ability to shape these global markets, it’s now urgent that we do so.(saving the world again eh) What we thought was difficult or impossible to be supervised we now have to supervise because a world without rules is a world without values and the world of the race to the bottom is a world where nobody wants to be. So it’s time to set new rules for the banks of all countries.( You are the unelected PM of Britain, you can only screw the UK banks up) And let us be clear that some of the practices now being discovered in our banks are not only unacceptable, they are indefensible and they have got to be cleaned up now." (who was Chancellor?)

Its time to go now Gordon