Monday, 1 December 2008


So convinced are our regional unelected masters that they can modify the weather, they have concocted a 'South West Climate Change Action Plan' and I quote:

"Aim of the Plan

The South West Climate Change Action Plan draws together issues from across the region to ensure that there is a shared vision on tackling climate change, access to a common evidence base and a jointly agreed set of priorities for taking the issues forward. The Action Plan sets out a clear programme of regionally agreed priority actions to address both mitigation and adaptation activity. The main areas of mitigation activity within the SWCCAP include tackling emissions from existing housing, business and public sector operations, transport, new build, energy generation, and land management. Adaptation activity covers: the region’s strategic response to climate change; awareness raising; land and marine management; and adapting to flood risk."

...and if you can understand a word of that you are a better man than I.

Sorry, not a chance of achieving anything apart from more tax burdens on businesses and individuals. It rather reminds me of the Kate Bush Cloudbusting video, except that the men in black coats are coming for the rest of us rather than the lovely Kate or Donald Sutherland.

I also note that the Met Office down in Exeter are wailing about a potential sell off as it might just damage their Climate Change agenda if they were owned by a private company that understands AGW for the fraudulent scam that it really is. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they were bought by one of the oil companies?


Alfred said...

Is there nothing that we can do about this unelected SWRA that we all pay for, before it begins to do what all autocratic, unelected powerful groups end up doing?

"The South West Climate Change Action Plan (SWCCAP) was developed jointly between the main regional stakeholders including the Regional Assembly, the Environment Agency, Government Office for the South West, the South West Regional Development Agency and Natural England."

Can anyone see any elected body in the group that makes up this list of "regional stakeholders"? I cant.

Alfred said...

.. and who, what, why when etc is the Government Office of the South West? Do I pay for this? (Undoubtedly). Do I vote for this? (No)

The only web page that I can get to work is