Monday, 9 February 2009

Which Scotsman exactly is in charge of the Treasury Brown or Darling

This is another classic Nu-Labour cockup about the RBS Bonus furore.

When the Government start interfering in the Law of Contract for whatever is politically expedient, we may as well stop being a trading nation.

Listen you blithering idiot.

If you had put RBS which is still hopelessly insolvent, they have no idea what their bottom line liabilities are, into liquidation, hived off all of the good bits into new regional banks you would not be worrying about bonus contracts.

No, instead you panicked last October and threw £20 Billions at RBS, without resolving the test case into unfair charging first, or resolving the bonus', don't tell me you are sweeping away the bonus culture when you are floundering around. Contractually these bonus' have to be paid because of you incompetence. Concentrate on sweeping away corrupt and dishonest ministers lik Jacqui Smith.

Oh by the way, thanks for shafting England again

Just pack this Darien Government up, and go back to Scotland.

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