Friday, 20 February 2009

The Banks Are Lending Again- Hurrah

Er, no, not to you.....don't be daft!

The Times on-line is reporting that RBS, which is 68 per cent owned by taxpayers after a £20 billion government bailout, is offering its staff loans against the bonuses that they are owed but which have been deferred until 2010 under a deal with the Government.

Remember how you cheered when you heard that Gordon Brown was going to stop taxpayers money being used for cash bonuses?

Indeed it is not; it is being used for loans, just like Gordie bank staff who should have got a cash bonus.....

H/T Anna Raccoon


Citizen Stuart said...

Going by the story, it looks like this scheme is aimed mostly at the rank and file staff members - call centre staff, branch staff and suchlike. I've worked for banks myself, and I can tell you those guys normally get paid peanuts. I don't begrudge people like that getting their modest bonuses, which they work hard for. It's just a pity the money's going to arrive in the form of loans this time - I wonder if they'll have to pay interest? They probably will, the way banks normally treat their staff.

Guthrum said...

I know its crap, but Brown is spinning that he has stopped the 'fat cats', whereas true to form he has screwed the little guy ovet