Monday, 16 February 2009

The South West's own ACPO

The Sundays have woken up to the fact that A.C.P.O. has a trading arm and is largely funded by the government. Lord preserve us from more Jim Stalker style adverts. Great that it’s all out in the open. It all looks a bit Stasi but if you really want a really scary take on Coppering plc take a look at Avon & Somerset and the wonder that is Southwest One Ltd. Avon & Somerset have basically sold off the civilian back office to a limited company. Reading the quotes from the great and the good about this, I see the unimaginable scenario of a privatised Police Service is getting another step closer. It shouldn’t be too hard to shuffle PCSO’s and all the rest of the extended police family off into Southwest One, Northeast Four or Ruralshire Seven or whatever. After that……….

Colin Port, chief constable of Avon and Somerset Police since Jan 2005, said: “This is a great opportunity for us to ( save stacks of money) change, improve and transform policing….It is imperative that we (save a stack of cash) deliver services that represent value for money for council tax-payers locally and this joint venture gives us the chance to( get me that knighthood and a QPM) re-invest in frontline policing and secure the employment of our dedicated police staff.”

The local MP raised concerns in the House of Commons about the whole thing in general and the close involvement of Mrs Fort in particular.

Dr Moira Hamlin, chair of the Avon and Somerset Police Authority, said: “This is far reaching and significant decision as it is the first time any UK police service has joined such a strategic venture. (I am told all will be well but I am just not sure) We are taking this innovative step as we believe it can deliver demonstrable benefits and improvements in police services for local people.(We are really, really not sure but we are desparate not to have to up the council tax for more cops) This Police authority has vowed to explore wider options and drive out efficiencies (sic) without losing valued employees.”

Richard Jones, chief executive of Southwest One, said: “I am delighted at this opportunity to trouser a small fortune to welcome the Avon and Somerset Police Authority as a founding member to the Southwest One joint venture. We are very much looking forward to (ripping the arse out of those straw chewing suckers) working together with the Police to improve the already excellent services that they provide. This is a unique opportunity to( maximise shareholder value) share best practice and world class expertise between the police, Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Council and IBM to deliver (cheaper) world class services to our customers in the Southwest over the next 10 years.”

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