Sunday, 15 February 2009

Close ACPO Down

Finally the political establishment,Liberty and the MSM have woken up to the fact that ACPO is is fact a private limited company at the heart of counter insurgency,policing and security. A fact that this site and parties like the LPUK have been highlighting for months.

The utter incompetence of this Government to have 'privatised' policing and security to a bunch of Policemen out to make a buck is a national scandal and only possible with the general acceptance of a Police State.

Liberty have called for ACPO to 'be stopped in their tracks'. My letter to Liam Fox of a few weeks ago outlining ACPO's central role in security, anti insurgency and policing has been passed to Jackboot Jacqui to answer. (If she lasts that long)

Liberty seemed to have been fooled into thinking ACPO was a legitimate State Organisation, just because it has got an official looking badge, with a Crown and the Police service flash on it Shami, does not stop it being another money grabbing QUANGO.

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