Saturday, 14 February 2009

ACPO A Dynamic Third Sector Organisation ?

Therefore, as members of the Labour Party, we should support dynamic Third Sector organisations which deliver our values. We must be loud and clear in stating that these organisations are not in opposition to the state but represent the Labour Government’s continuing commitment to investment and reform to create Twenty First Century public services.

Joe Coward- Labour Party

I have had a response from Liam Fox MP, who has passed my letter requesting an explanation as to the central role that the private company ACPO has in the counter insurgency,security and policing to the Home Secretary for a reply.

Not only have we a bloated State, we have fake charities and Quango's like ACPO to add to the bill that we all pay for, but we are not alowed to have a say in.Mandelson's Post Democratic Society

Instead of Homo Sovieticus, Homo Serviliticus or even Homo Mandelsonius

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