Friday, 9 January 2009

What David Cameron's Conservatives should learn but will not

I think the phrase deleted is shit or bust in this Telegraph piece
David Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher he is a trimmer and a fiddler around the edges, he is part of an establishment that believes in the divine right to rule, and that we peasants will meekly follow. Thatcher was a revolutionary by temperment and was an outsider, love her or loathe her.

The system is not working and needs tearing down, the LPUK has been aware of the Shit or Bust scenario for eighteen months- hence our first policy proposal has been to abolish income tax. Cameron is just shadowing Brown, and Osborne is no big beast, more like a scared hamster.

The Lib Dems have nudged slightly towards repealing Taxes under Clegg, but at best the Libertarian faction cowering inside Lib Demmery are despised by the Labour Lite majority, 'Taxation with a smile' . Labour and Conservatives are just big spending Taxing parties, the Redwoods being drowned out by authoritarian right.

It may not be this election but the clamour for a neutered State will come-

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