Friday, 16 January 2009

A Death Waiting To Happen

This was a death waiting to happen.

I have posted on the changes that 'The Man of the People' Jack Straw was planning to bring in as have others, giving Bailiffs the right to make forcible entry, to restrain people who tried to stop them. This was only ever going to lead to the terrorising of the old, the sick and unemployed by these licensed thugs.

The Labour Party of old would have been out campaigning for the protection of these people, not these greasy free loaders, creating thousands of new Laws in which to intimidate, fine and imprison.

All civil punishment should be proportionate to the crime and the standing of those convicted, the Law should be accessible and should protect as well as prosecute, applications made to the Magistrates Court to have Health, Age and Income should be easier.

Jack Straw as Minister of 'Justice' has set the scene for this death, he just left others to do the actual dirty work.

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