Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bank of Bristol ?

The Royal Bank of Scotland has already lost the £20Bn it was given by us the taxpayer, it is time to let that organisation go, it is not operating as a Bank, it is just sucking in Taxpayers money to no avail.They should never have been given the money in the first place let alone, HMG proposing to flush more money down the drain.

Essex County Council are already proposing a new Bank of Essex, in conjunction with the Essex Bank of Virginia- It is about time before the South West goes down the toilet, that a regional Bank of Bristol is formed, with expert bankers from countries that understand prudent banking and local industrialists on the board , not the fly by night crooks that have been in charge for the last twenty years. I do not want Taxpayers money to back any private enterprise, but we are in a situation far worse than is being admitted, so a guarantee may have to be forthcoming to attract savers and investors in a new market entrant.

I would willingly move my account business and personal, to a local institution that was more prudent and not chock full of toxic debt

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