Thursday, 8 January 2009

Long Ashton Schools Crisis Group upset Councillors

The Action Group campaigning to get adequate provision for primary school places that amazingly enough they pay rates to North Somerset District Council to provide has upset Councillors by filming the proceedings of the Council meeting.

Why ?? This is a public body funded by the taxpayer, and its proceedings should be filmed and made available to local TV and the internet. North Somerset who recently lost £3m in a misguided investment in Iceland should not do business behind closed doors.

Cllr Blatchford (Con) admitted that it was desirable for Children to receive primary education as close to home as possible, but had to be balanced against the financial case of providing new classrooms for relatively few pupils. So no contest then financial prudence above what the people want and pay for, perhaps they should have thought about that before parking £3M in Rekyivik

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