Friday, 9 January 2009

As the South-West is about to become a mere region of the EU

Hans-Martin Tillack was a journalist for the German Magazine 'Stern' five years ago he was arrested by the Belgian Police on behalf of 'OLAF' the EU 's anti corruption unit. This unit seems to have a bizarre role in that it arrests journalists who are investigating corrupt EU officials.

Hans-Martin has been vindicated by the Courts after five years, as anybody will know who has gone through a protracted Court case, it is very stressful and is a punishment in itself. Nobody that Hans-Martin was investigating has come before the Courts, indeed this is an organisation that has failed its Audit for the last fifteen years.

For the British Taxpayer to fund a blatantly opaque and corrupt organisation is an outrage, the fact that it has its own enforcement arm that can tie your life up for five years is truly terrifying.

I watched 'Fatherland' recently, the 'what if' murder story set in Berlin in the 1960's after Germany had won the war. The Head of the Gestapo looked incredulous when he was asked what evidence there was against the suspect- 'Evidence?' I could imagine the Head of 'OLAF' spluttering the same words. The mindset being the same, he was simply an enemy of the State that is evidence enough.

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