Friday, 15 May 2009

'The Public Don't Understand' and the Rule of Law

On Questiontime last night I thought the political members of the panel were going to be lynched, the mood of the public was so foul.

If Margaret Beckett said it once she said it twice,three times-'The Public Don't Understand'

Yes- we do you arrogant woman- We do understand only to well. You treat us like ignorant serfs who need to be 'guided' in the correct way to think, you reduce our families to penury with overtaxation that you then waste propping up failed banks, you turn our jobs and factories to dust AND you sit upon the dunghill gorging yourselves on our money.

The People are brighter than you, the lowest chav has more idea of right and wrong than you. The reason engagement with the political process is so low is because people do not want to be tainted with you.

Last night the peasants were shaking with rage, it was on their faces. We are revolting in the truest sense of the word.

Dissolve this Rotten Parliament now.


Two Burglars Caught Red Handed And Photographed NOT given Jail Sentences, seems fair enough to me while the Lawmakers are indulging in fraud and are not even being questioned, let alone arrested.

'As His Honour Anthony Thompson observed this week: "During many years as a Crown Court judge, I always felt contrition expressed after the miscreant had been found out had a hollow ring – even if accompanied by an offer to pay for the return of the benefit obtained. While it afforded mitigation, it could not expiate the wrongdoing."

Telegraph May 15th

" I was given a Police caution, because the Social Security thought they had overpaid me £200- they had not overpaid me"

Unemployed Resident on a Council Estate -Radio 4 May 15th

Some are more equal than others

George Orwell

If the Police are not prepared to arrest these people under the Theft Act 1968 and the Fraud Act 2006, The Mail and the Taxpayers Alliance have threatened Private Prosecutions.

The Police are not going to take any action because Senior Police Officers are in thrall to the Jacqui Smith and the Labour Party, they are their creatures. A directly elected Police Commissioner for the Met, who owed his mandate to the people of London where these crimes were committed, would have no qualms about arresting these people.

It is all about the rule of Law, none are above it

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