Monday, 25 May 2009

Appeal For Election Fund

The election is drawing ever nearer, the hot money is now on October 2009.

We urgently need to raise £10 000 to support our candidates, that is merely the equivalent of £12.50 per paid up member ! Please give £15 out of your May or June paypacket to make this happen, it will be going into a designated Election Fund

The artwork and text for the leaflets is done and paid for.

Rob Waller and myself are updating the database so that we can start putting out monthly newsletters and appeals letters.

If you can spare more please give more, if you are unemployed,an OAP or Student and cash is beyond tight, give that other form of capital your time, it is just as valuable.


Mr Green Genes said...

I can do that - can I have bank account details of where to send the money please? That way I can pay my subscription by Standing Order as well.

PS Saturday was a good start for the SW Libertarians.

Guthrum said...

Please email and I will send you a form

Guthrum said...

sorry that should be

Mr Green Genes said...

Have done, thanks.