Friday, 7 May 2010

The Imperceptible Squeak From Beneath The Floor Boards

This picture sums up why the Libertarian Party stood in Devizes yesterday. A BBC interviewer asking sensible questions about what is Libertarianism, and a Libertarian answering.

The imperceptible squeak in a seat where noblesse oblige rules the local Tory Party (I have not seen characters like this since watching the last ever episode of ‘To The Manor Born’) allowed 141 voters to vote for something that they have never heard of before Nic Coome stood, let alone had the opportunity to vote for.

All of the candidates bar one made the time to come over and chat. Why is it that the Labour Party has decided that it has to act with such aloof self righteous anger in a rural seat that they had no more chance of winning than the Libertarian Party had. Their Agent at one point was getting quite abusive and redfaced to the tellers , because they were not collating the voting papers ‘properly’

Why UKIP has gained the reputation of being the only Libertarian Party I have no idea, they too were ‘angry’ very angry about Europe, yes there were very angry about that, but frankly that is as far as they had any policies or opinions on anything else.

The Green Candidate was a card, and failed to make the final line up, as somebody said to me, I think he has a glass of dandelion & burdock on the go, I could not help but laugh out loud.

Claire Perry is a ‘nice’ enough career politician, but sadly her acceptance speech was very very very thin. She thanked the Police, her party, her husband, her children and then promised to spend the taxpayers wisely !

Claire came across as a Cameroon member of the Hockey upper sixth team.

Has politics advanced in Wiltshire since the 1930’s ? yes slightly by 141 votes.

Junab Ali (Labour) - 4,711

Pat Bryant (UKIP) - 2,076

Nic Coome (Libertarian) - 141

Mark Fletcher (Green Party) - 813

Fiona Hornby (Liberal Democrat) - 12,514

Martin Houlden (Independent) - 566

Claire Perry (Conservative) - 25,519

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