Thursday, 6 May 2010

I Have Not Voted Twice Today

This is the most depressing election that I have been involved in thirty five years of 'voting'. I flew back from a businesss meeting in Lisbon yesterday pondering for two hours what I should do with my valuable cross. Not voting is an anathema, as I have too much respect for those who have fought and died for this right in centuries past.

But the the choices on offer to me are simply not choices, nor am I lucky enough to vote in Devizes or Sutton & Cheam for a real Libertarian candidate.

Brown and Labour have brought the country to its knees with the spectacular spend and waste binge of the last thirteen years, introduced aStasi State with a million more public servants watching us, fining us and taking away our Liberties, whilst proclaiming they were protecting us.
The fact thatMandelson is still at the centre of Government just sickens me. What else does he need to do to prove he is morally and financially unfit to run his almost global super ministry.

Cameron and Osborne are flim flam men of the very worst kind. He is seriously proposing to seek the premiership with 35% of the popular vote, and if necessary pay the Ulster Unionists £200m to get him anointed. That is not change, that is the same old corrupt way of doing things. Cameron's personal antipathy to proportional representation shows that he cares not a jot
about having a Mandate or the figleaf of legitimacy.

In 1951 3.2% of the population voted for a non Conservative/Labour Candidate, in 2005 the figure was 32.7%. What does that tell us about how out of sync FTP is with the voting intentions.

Clegg and the Lib Dems, have a laudable commitment to PR, but a despicable commitment to being run by Brussels, which is the very opposite of what a Libertarian wants, a small local accountable Government.

The also rans have all paid their £500 deposit, yet do not enjoy equal access to State subsidies and State Broadcasters, because politics is no longer a battle of ideas, it is a Presidential beauty contest.

Tom Paine has best summed it up for me today.

...even those on the (Labour) client payroll must know in their hearts that this can’t
go on. I feel sorry for some who will vote Labour today out of fear for
their non-jobs or the future of the lame “services” on which they
depend. Apart from the underclass (probably less than a million
individuals) they are not willing parasites. They simply have no
experience of providing for themselves. More to the point, given the
economic destruction wrought by Labour and the lack of any clear,
honest solution from the Tories, they understandably have no confidence
that any likely government will ever leave them enough of their own
earnings to do so.

Of course I am disappointed in anyone who
votes for fairyland politics today, but I accept they are not
deliberately destroying our country. They are clinging to its wreckage,
with no idea what else to do. Most (if they are honest) know in their
hearts that they are stealing from their children and grandchildren.
They are familiar with the concept because it’s just what their parents
and their grandparents did to them with their unfunded Welfare State.
It was only during Blair’s time in number 10, after all, that we
finished paying America back the money our grandparents borrowed to
fund their great “vision” in 1946. Their “stamps”didn’t pay it all. We did.

None of this is Gordon Brown’s fault. Blair concealed his motives well, but
Brown has been openly, honestly intent on reducing us to the living
standards and civic culture of the former East Germany. He sincerely
believes in “equality” and seriously thinks that we will be poorer but
happier in social solidarity under firm government. Under his
leadership, Labour has once again been an honest party of losers, for
losers. It has openly promoted loserdom as a lifestyle. No, the fault
for today’s impending fiasco lies entirely with HM Opposition for
failing to sell reality to the deluded and/or terrified voters.

My wife says Cameron had no choice. The voters are hypocrites; complaining
that no-one tells them the truth, but punishing anyone who tries to do
so. She thinks Cameron will imitate Blair in substance as well as
style; pretending to be ideologically close to the outgoing government
but then introducing by stealth every aspect of his true agenda. I am
not convinced, which in a way is a compliment to Cameron. I don’t think
he is that warped.

It has come to something, has it not, when our only hope is that David Cameron is despicable liar? Just like Blair.

I have two votes in this election, one a postal vote entrusted to me by a Libertarian Party member currently living in Hong Kong- having discussed the candidates, she came to the conclusion that only writing 'None of the above' would do.

I have voted this morning, using the simple expedient of attaching a sticker that says the following.



I do this with a heavy heart.

My eldest son who at twenty four has never voted before because he feels alienated from the political system, actually set off to vote Conservative. At the door to Church Hall was a Conservative canvasser who quite aggressively demanded his roll number, which he quite rightly refused to give. An argument ensued, at which point Cameron lost another vote to the 'None of the Aboves'. The Tories have not changed, they are just as small town authoritarian as they have ever been.

There should never be another election run under the First Past The Post System, any goverment that says it has a popular mandate, is flying in the face of the facts and starts from day one lying. The Monarchy is equally in jeopardy constitutionally if this is forced upon us.

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