Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Celtic Alliance Begging Bowl

“Cornwall has been under-funded for many, many years. We receive less money for our schools, hospitals and public services than elsewhere in the UK.

“A key part of our campaign will be for a Commission to investigate the full extent of this Government under-funding of Cornwall, just as the recent Holtham Commission (organised by the Welsh Assembly) found that Wales is under-funded by £300 million a year.

“Now must be the time to demand that Cornwall receives its fair share of expenditure, which will help us cope with the difficult economic times that lie ahead.

“We will be pressing all political parties to support this call for a Commission. It is also our hope that the main London parties will agree to abide by the findings of such a review and guarantee Cornish communities their fair share of future spending.”

Mebyon Kernow

Last week saw the unedifying sight of the Celtic 'Nationalists' basically campaigning for protection from the inevitable cuts, and seeking guarantees of further subsidies from Westminster.

Please explain to me how this is economic nationalism.

Wales and Scotland are hopelessly wedded to socialism despite having its own Parliaments and assemblies, but Kernow has no excuse for emulating this line.

Why is the independent Duchy of Kernow, not seeking to emulate the Isle of Man, and the States of Jersey and Guernsey. Constitutionally Cornwall has only been part of England since the 1880's. There is nothing to stop Kernow deciding its own affairs, setting its own tax rates personal and coporate to encourage money, jobs and business to invest there.

Is it not a degrading spectacle to prefer to campaign on getting handouts from the EU and Whitehall

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