Tuesday, 21 April 2009

French Mayor has got it in one

Natacha BOUCHART Mayor of Calais has got it in one when she says that Britain's generous benefits system is responsible for the economic migrants desperate to reach our shores.

Libertarian Party Policy has always advocated open borders where people can live and work whereever to the best of their abilities. The LPUK has recognised however whilst you have a system that is effectively waving free fivers in the direction of the desperately poor of other countries, and a failed asylum system, an effective immigration has to be in place.

The fact that this Government are so incompetent that they have not a clue how many people are coming to the UK, is distorting our economy, allowing parties like the BNP to thrive on racial hatred, but at least it is creating a 'client state' for future Labour voters.

Scrapping our benefits system is the only way the incentive to come here is going disappear, but this also applies to those born here as well.

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