Sunday, 12 April 2009

Derek who ?

The conversion of the loudmouthed scruffy little tramp begins as Derek becomes a nonperson as far as the 'comrades' are concerned. Derek has become a toxic asset to be erased.

Liam Byrne has just disowned Draper on SKY

Alistair Campbell apprarently has just done a McBride/Draper I barely know them

Clarke has called for Draper and Whelan to go

Tom Watson has run for cover

In January whilst their supporters jobs, factories and businesses were disappearing, and Mandelson and Brown cried crocodile tears, these attackdogs were trashing the body politic on behalf their master.


Cameron wants to reduce MP's by fifty, not enough ! reduce to 100, devolve ALL power to the county level, other than defence and foreign affairs. Its our country, we have had the sleaze of Tories under Major, and Blair and Brown.

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