Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Public Sector A Recession Free Zone

Well tell me something I did not know, that the Private Sector is taking the hit, while the State Cuckoos are taking over the nest.

The CIPD says that as unemployment passes the 2 million mark, on its way to at least 3 million, there is a strong case for preserving or increasing public sector employment

The public sector needs additional resources at this time to cope with the various social consequences of the recession, and it would anyway be a false economy for government to make public sector staff redundant and then have to pay them welfare benefits

So explain that to me Mr Expert- Civil Servant on £20,000 producing nothing but bits of paper going round in circles, redundant engineer on £2990 job seekers also producing nothing. Which would be more useful working.

You are an idiot- shut up

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