Wednesday, 18 March 2009

More Nonsense from the Quisling-Right

A suspicion of government is healthy, but can be dangerous if it mushrooms into blanket hostility. The state has delivered substantial social progress, whether in the preparation of state-owned monopolies for privatisation, zero-tolerance policing in New York, or US welfare reform. The trouble comes when the state tries to do too much or when it supplants the work of businesses and voluntary organisations.

Tim Montgomerie- Telegraph

This article sums up completely the tinkering at the edges,big state,soft left philosophy of the Cameronian Conservative Party. When Cameron said he was not a Libertarian at last September's conference he was not kidding. The committment to Welfarism is still there, that has debased British Society, to a rights and compensation society.

See Sean Gabb in 2005 on what is wrong with British Conservatism.

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