Friday, 10 December 2010

A Quiet Revolution

Yesterday evening I was on the 'frontline' of  the end of the failed
fabian experiment in Westminster. The dregs of the student protests were
still being kettled, Police had helicopters up, tube stations closed
and vans full of back up, yet they still managed to drive a couple of
VIP's into the middle of this maelstrom of heightened emotions.

This morning Boris and Stephenson of the Met were having a discussion
on Radio 4 about yesterday, was it just me or was Stephenson making a
lot of threats about how 'tooled up' his men were. Was he seriously
advocating that the Met start shooting protestors ?

I saw bizarre sights such as 'anarchists' demanding more state subsidy for education. How does that work then ?

Labour created a massive expansion of the State that was built on
nothing more than a bubble, to have 50% of the young 'doing a degree'
was only going to devalue standards and to damage the marketability of
having a degree. There is nothing left that the hard pressed taxpayer
can contribute to a 'bust' state. What we saw on the streets was nothing
more that demanding money with menaces, and Labour were at the front of
this egging it on, as usual bearing no responsibility for their

Meanwhile at the National Liberal Club a quiet revolution was occuring organised by the Cobden Centre. Libertarians, Members of the Adam Smith Institute
and other representatives of Classical Liberal organisations met for an
informal social event to make contacts, talk and make futue plans. The
talk was was of  honest money, Mises and Hayek and of course the failing
Euro experiment.

The keynote speech was by Conservative MP Steve Baker, one of the few 'good guys'.

The Toast was to Cobden's vision of 'Peace and Free Trade'

Fabianism has failed, the Labour party derided Cobden the result is an impoverished nation and war.

For one battered Liberal (not the fake 'Liberal' Democrats) the long
march is now on its second faltering step.

I hope that you will join us
in rebuilding 'Liberal' Britain.

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