Friday, 8 October 2010

Libertarians Like People

This from party member Dick Puddlecote, which proves that citizen's action works.

We are an independent lot down here in North Somerset, this junction is three miles from my house, Portishead also regularly wins the best flower display.Just getting rid of these lights has made a huge difference to traffic flows because people can be trusted not to slam into each other.

As Chaiman of Clevedon Pride, we  'seized' control of the 'Town Square, three years organised public events for flowers, Christmas lights arranged to have the rubbish strewn municipal 'pond' filled in and planted out. Yesterday some of our 'chaps' were out watering and planting out spring bulbs.Hose pipe donated by local business as were the bulbs, manure by the local stables, not a diversity officer or Health & Safety Officer in sight. Not everything has to be done by Municipal Socialism

The Square is now a nice place to sit, walk, shop and a cafe culture has sprung up

We cooperate with 'local government' were neccessary, but largely just get on with it. Clevedon Pride is now a normal part of the local landscape, we do not have litter 'police' fining people, CP arranged litter to be picked up by volunteers, then amazingly the level of littering started dropping dramatically as it became unacceptable to litter.

Clevedon Pride is not a 'Libertarian' organisation it is just that its Chairman is (me), its not all about high flown political theory, it is about volunteerism, the time involved costs me a couple of hours a week and a few meetings a month.

Andrew Withers

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