Monday, 6 September 2010

Not Dixon Of Dock Green In Wiltshire Then

It just goes on and on and on.

This police constable being an ex soldier appears to have completed his Police training at Abu Ghraib.

She is lucky to be alive after being thrown against the concrete floor, much as Ian Tomlinson was. I am sure that the Home Office could have rustled up another medical incompetent like Patel to say she died of a heavy nose bleed and it was natural causes.

According to the IPCC

In 2008/09 there were 92 deaths during or
following police contact, of which:
• 40 were the result of road traffic fatalities
• 3 were the result of fatal police shootings
• 15 were deaths in or following police custody
• 34 were other deaths following police contact

Like the military casualities we only get to hear about the deaths not the 'wounded' or maimed.

So next time you see a Police Car with 'Serving the Community' or some such slogan remember the above statistics.

Apparently the going tarrif for a assault carried like above is six months.

Pamela Somerville, 57, was left with blood gushing from a head wound after Sergeant Mark Andrews pulled her by the wrist across the floor of Melksham police station in Wiltshire and threw her into the custody suite. A camera cell showed Somerville lying briefly unconscious after her head hit the floor and then staggering to her feet, dripping blood.

The officer, a former soldier, 37, was convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm at Oxford magistrates court in July, and is due to be sentenced on Tuesday. He faces a formal disciplinary hearing next month and is currently suspended on full pay.

Another officer at the police station reported the incident to a supervisor.

Somerville had been found asleep in her car in July 2008 and denies refusing a breath test. Charges were later dropped, and the police have apologised

The Grauniad

Salute or Preparing a Karate Chop ?

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