Thursday, 28 January 2010

Libertarian Nic Coome to stand in Devizes

Photo Credit Rohen Kapur

The Libertarian Party has today announced its Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Devizes, Nic Coome.

About Nic Coome

Nic Coome lives in Chilton Foliat, with two children - Jonathan, currently studying for a PhD in Chemistry at Durham University and Juliet, currently an undergraduate in French with Russian at Bristol University.

He has spent virtually the whole of his working life in railway industry. He started on British Rail as a sixteen year-old school leaver in 1973 as a Signal and Telecommunications Department Trainee Technician, and went through that department for several years before becoming a commercially-minded manager with Network South-East.

Since then he has worked for Eurostar and the Office of the Rail Regulator, before joining Railtrack in 2000. He has worked there since, going through the trauma of the demise of Railtrack and the birth of Network Rail. He currently works in the Planning and Regulation directorate on projects for the reform of Network Rail and the wider industry.

As well as experience in the rail industry, Nic Coome has also been the Sound Engineer at The Hexagon Theatre in Reading, working on a very wide variety of different productions. Nic believes he is very much an ordinary working man, not a professional politician.


Nic's principal interest is music. He also enjoys cricket, rugby (he is a Harlequins fan) and American Football. He recently started learning to play the Saxophone which he believes he will continue forever.


Nic had been a member of the Conservatives in Swindon for around three years and stood for the then Thamesdown Borough Council on two occasions. He was then, very briefly, a member of UKIP and stood essentially as a paper candidate for Kennet District Council in 2007.

With the formation of the Libertarian Party two years ago, Nic saw an opportunity to be a part of an exciting organisation that truly believes in individual freedom and personal responsibility. He found himself in agreement with the Libertarian Party's opposition to the bureaucratic and expensive European Union, as well as the party's call for much smaller government, and its utter rejection of big taxes and the surveillance State.

Nic Coome has been a member of Chilton Foliat Parish Council for around fourteen years and Chairman of the council for the last six.

If you want to help or contribute financially to Nic's Campampagn please contact


Gregg's Blog said...

Great news Nic and good luck. I plan to get down and help the campaign at some point.

Is the saxophone a particularly libertarian instrument? I'm learning too, in fact I've got a lesson tonight.

Good luck again.

Mr Green Genes said...

Thanks Gregg. Yes I think the sax is a libertarian instrument - equally at home with classical, jazz, blues rock or pop music.

Which are you playing? I chose the tenor. I've been at it for a couple of years now and, according to my teacher, am getting to be ok (at times, anyway!)