Friday, 24 July 2009

Norwich North By Election

Was this a poor result for us- yes it was, but everybody lost bar Chloe Smith, and even she cannot go to take her seat until October.

Did all of the parties have equal access to the media, no they did not, sorry as I am to say this the Monsters have a far higher ‘profile’ than the LPUK.

Was Norwich the best place for us to campaign, absolutely not, we had two members in Norfolk at the beginning of the campaign, we now have twenty four and at least thirty six people who now understand the difference between Liberalism and Social Democracy.

This campaign was not about politics, it was about the need to tell Labour that their time is up. The result showed that. This was not a ringing endorsement of the Conservatives, but certainly showed the depth of loathing of the Darien Labour Party.

Do we give up and wring our hands, no we do not, however bad this result was, Tom was a good performer when he was allowed near a microphone despite his years, it gave our activists a chance to engage with the public, some travelling as far afield as Cornwall.

This afternoon a former Lib Dem Councillor has rung me to say that he is resigning from the Lib Dems and is joining the LPUK, as he sees that in this two and a half party State, he can no longer get the 'half' to accept classic Liberal principles

At the end of the day a High tax, High Spending, Centralising, Authoritarian Party won the day. So not much has changed.

Andrew Withers LPUK Chairman

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